Kellea Tibbs.


My name is Kellea Tibbs and my background includes a 20+ year career in Higher Education. I'm also a writer, specifically poetry and nonfiction, as well as an Event Planner. I have a blog called "the 40 and over project" and a podcast of the same name, that focuses on what I like to call, “modern day adulting”, and what life is like for the “40 and over” crowd, including politics, race and social justice, women's issues, self care and wellness, and old school milestones in pop culture that members of Generation X can relate to. I also educate on the Life Events that we encounter as we get older that include milestone birthdays, anniversaries, photo organization and family history management, as well as how to plan a funeral. 

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, author and poet, Kellea Tibbs, I have been writing since middle school. As a poet, who, over the years, has participated in writing completions, poetry slams, writing poetry blogs, and writing workshops. Somewhat of a late bloomer, much like the late and iconic writer Toni Morrison, it’s only been since recently, in her 40s, that I have decided to pursue publishing my work, to share with the world. 

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GUEST BLOGGER. Doubling Down With the Derricos: An Overabundance of Family

” is definitely one of those women. I started watching this show, about a real life Black family with 11 kids, many of whom are multiples and all of the children are so stinking cute. Some women are meant to be mothers, some more than others. Karen Derrico, from the reality show, “ Let me first say, that I do like the show and appreciate it, because it is a chance for America to see a real Black family on TV with a mother and father taking care of their family and the craziness of looking afte

GUEST INTERVIEW: #4 Not Like My Parents' Life!

Kellea Tibbs, is a 47 year-old, single woman living in KY. Kellea compares and contrasts her life to her parents (who have been married for over 60 years). Kellea gives humor to the highs and lows of dating in your 40's, her frustration about women judging each other, and chimes in on her anxiety about nursing homes! Ms. Tibbs gives a unique perspective about girl power - even when society spins the narrative that being childfree and single is not the most popular lane. Kellea is the host of sev

BLOG. #90sFlashback. J. Crew Catalog

A piece of nostalgia, filing for bankruptcy. If you are #40AndOver and attended college in #the90s, you probably remember receiving a #JCrewCatalog in your dorm mailbox. It was probably the first catalog that catered to the college age student, so unlike the JC Penney and Sears catalogs of our parents and grandparents day. It was a hallmark of life on campus. I never ordered anything from them and I’m guessing not many of my friends did nor this current generation, because, unlike the JC Penney